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Stony Brook University expands via Mobile Dental Clinic!

Posted by Evelyn Castillo
Evelyn Castillo
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on Thursday, 14 July 2011
in Mobile Medical


Long Island, New York is the home of the prestigious research institute of Stony Brook University. Housing over 2,400 undergraduate students’ yearly and about 134,000 alumni, the University sits on 1,039 acres across the Northern shore of the Island. Amongst the different graduate programs that Stony Brook offers, the dental school is notable for the services it provides.

The Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine has an excellent reputation for their quality work in education and research. Along with the Dental Care Center, the School provides oral health care services primarily to the Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Due to their continued support for the underserved communities, Stony Brook University purchased a 40’ Mobile Dental Clinic.

In expanding their services, the School hopes to create more accessibility, preventive care services and emergency services for their patients. Transportation to Long Island is challenging and limited for many of the people seeking oral health care. In purchasing a mobile dental clinic, Stony Brook can now offer oral health care in a different environment while still keeping their professional demeanor. Students will provide the care while learning and being guided by their professors.

Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. manufactured the 40’ Mobile Dental Clinic in Perris, California. The entire vehicle was custom built to meet the needs of Stony Brook University. Dr. Allan Kucine, (Associate Professor and Acting Chair Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), was very involved in the design and final product. The mobile vehicle is equipped with three dental operatories (each placed in their own exam room), a Sterilization area, a Panoramic Digital X-Ray area, a Ricon Wheelchair Lift and a 7’x2’ MB-55 Diesel Slide out room. Stony Brook University estimated a minimum of 4,500 patient visits during their first year. The number of patient visits thereafter is projected to increase over time.

Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is a leading manufacturing company of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers. Since 1994, USV, Inc. has been building vehicles for the medical, dental and command/safety sector. Quality vehicles and professionalism is what separates USV, Inc. from the rest. Our team of experts follow the production of every vehicle built to ensure that we deliver our outmost quality work to date. Feel free to contact Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. with inquiries regarding your vehicle needs. “If you can envision it, we can build it”.

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USV and City of Hope: Working Together to Promote Blood Donation

Posted by John Hall
John Hall
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on Monday, 04 July 2011
in Blood Mobiles


City of Hope Blood Mobile

For decades, City of Hope Cancer Research Center has been pioneering innovative forms of cancer research and treatment in Southern California.  From the development of synthetic human insulin to the standardization of the now traditional bone marrow transplant procedure, City of Hope has been at the front of the proverbial class in terms of developing new sources of treatment and research relating to cancer.

One integral aspect of that continual evolution of cancer treatment and research has been and always will be the search for blood donors and the development of blood donation outreach and procedures.  Whether it be for transfusions or purely for research relating to leukemia, having continual access to various blood sources has been paramount to City of Hope’s success as a cancer research institute.  Indeed, it is so integral that the campus just completed work on its LEED-certified  Michael Amini Transfusion Medicine Center.

However, a physical research center can only go so far in terms of stimulating donations.  Almost any blood donation center realizes that having a mobile outreach solution for blood donations is truly a key aspect of blood donation and research, and as such, City of Hope approached USV to create a comfortable, modern, and eco-friendly mobile blood mobile for this very mission.

As always, USV was more than prepared to meet the specifications and unique challenges presented by City of Hope.  From the need for five donor beds and two private history consultation areas within two slide-out rooms to the implementation of Green Guard-certified Meganite countertops throughout the unit, USV crafted a inviting-yet-medically-modern environment that ensured comfort for City of Hope’s patients and a sterile, reliable, and decidedly ergonomic environment for its employees and volunteers.

Moreover, USV worked closely with City of Hope to develop a first of its kind donation area expansion system through the use of our seamless extension slide-outs.  Where a normal donation space is usually hampered by an almost claustrophobic collection of donation chairs, donors, and medical personnel, USV worked to expand the donation area by way of our slide-outs and expand the available work space within the vehicle.  It is a simple concept in execution, but one that has not been implemented within the mobile specialty vehicle industry.  As such, one can once again see that USV is working with its customers and partners to innovate in ways that simply haven’t been seen in our industry.

Indeed, it has long been USV’s goals to craft such innovative environments for all of our customers, but in regards to our mobile blood mobile offerings, this unique balance between ensuring comfort for patients while also developing an ergonomic and environmentally friendly workspace represents for us, as a company and a culture, a continually evolving challenge.  Moreover, this very challenge has provided us with a sense of ultimate accomplishment by way of the knowledge that our blend of comfort and utility is unparalleled within the mobile specialty vehicle industry.

In closing, please feel free to peruse our various mobile blood donation center offerings and contact us with any inquiries you may have in relation to our crafting a solution similar to that of City of Hope for your hospital, clinic, research center, or university.

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“Green” Mobile Technology Center

Posted by USV1
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on Tuesday, 15 June 2010
in Mobile Community

In this ever growing Technological Age learning how to use the Internet and more importantly being able to access it have never been more crucial. The Internet helps students research papers, people get jobs and so much more. The Internet is becoming an essential part of life.

A recent study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley showed that the residents of the Southeast Los Angeles area are largely disconnected from the Internet due to the lack of broad access to computers, technical assistance and computer literacy education. This alarming reality is referred to as the Digital Divide and impacts not only the region’s but also, the state’s future global competitiveness. The City of Vernon responded to this study in order to break the Digital Divide by working with Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. to create a Mobile Technology Center.

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