Mobile Clinics come in all shapes and sizes, so you must first decide what type of Mobile Clinic to build. There are many different choices, which include:

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Class A Bus Style or Motor Coach
C-Body Shell
Sprinter Van
Pull Trailer
Gooseneck Trailer

The most popular style is the Class A (Motor Coach) Bus Style, but Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. (USV) has the ability to build all types of Mobile Clinics.

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Your budget will determine the size, features, and equipment for your new Mobile Clinic. The least expensive option would be the Sprinter van, or a pull trailer. The most expensive would be a Semi-Trailer, with the Motor Coach style somewhere in the middle. If you are considering a trailer type product, you will need to factor in the cost of the tow vehicle.

Now that you have determined your budget you will need to determine which Mobile Clinic product meets your requirements. Say for example you have determined you have a $250,000.00 budget, and you like the Motor Coach style vehicle. You will need to make a list of what you want included such as; how many exam rooms, waiting/intake area, lab/galley, restroom, wheelchair lift (some States require this feature), slide-out rooms, Wi-Fi system. These are just of few of the features you will need to decide on for your new Mobile Clinic.

Think about where you will be taking the Mobile Clinic, and look at how much space is available to park the Mobile Clinic. Some locations may have plenty of space to set up and operate for the day, but other locations may not. This may be a factor to consider when selecting the appropriate Mobile Clinic.

Now you will need to get price quotations from a vendor or vendors. This will let you know if your budget will allow you to purchase this style Mobile Clinic.

There a several Mobile Clinic manufacturers to choose from, so do your homework and get references. Ask the vendor to provide you with a list of references, and call those people. However, make sure you ask other independent health centers that have a Mobile Clinic about their experience with the vendor they chose. You can also, check with the Mobile Health Clinic Association (MHCA) 

Most of our customers are referred to us by our customer’s, which I feel says a lot about the quality of our product and our customer service. Many of our customer’s come back to us and buy again and again.
The bigger the company is not always the best choice. The cheapest price is not always the best choice, so you really need to feel comfortable with the vendor you choose. If possible, make arrangements to visit their manufacturing facility and meet with them to take a plant tour. This will give you an idea of their quality, and give you an opportunity to discuss your design ideas.

So, you’ve chosen your preferred vendor and you’re ready to start working on the design, but don’t really know where to start. Ask your vendor for some sample designs, so you can get some ideas. Decide what you like and don’t and let the vendor know which direction you’re leaning. The vendor will let you know what parameters they must design around, and you can work together to design a Mobile clinic to meet your specific requirements.

If the vendor you chose tries to make you fit into an already existing design, and won’t work with you, then it’s time to find another vendor. You want someone that will spend the time with you to develop the design. This is a big purchase, and a vehicle that will operate for a long time, so make sure you get the customer service you deserve.

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Before you purchase your new Mobile Clinic make sure it meets with your State and local government approval. Mobile Health Clinic regulations vary from State to State. Some States don’t have regulations, but other States can have very strict requirements. Some States require licensing and certification before you can operate your vehicle, so make sure your vendor is aware of any specific requirements your State may have. Most qualified Mobile Clinic manufacturers already know the requirements for the various States, but don’t take that for granted. Again, do your homework!

Now it’s time to place your order and wait for the finished product. Typical lead time from start to finish can be anywhere between 120-210 days. Purchasing a new Mobile Clinic can be fun and exciting, so follow these smart tips and enjoy the experience!

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